As the founder of Pretty Girls Poppin, as well as an Accredited Jay Shetty Life Coach and Mother-Daughter Coach, I am passionate about empowering young girls and helping them discover their unique beauty and self-worth. 

I saw a need in the market for a program that focused specifically on fostering positive self-esteem in young girls. I founded Pretty Girls Poppin to address this need, and to provide a safe and nurturing environment where girls can feel supported and empowered as they explore their interests and talents.

This journey began with my personal experience with NĂ© Lani, where I witnessed her struggles with low confidence and heightened sensitivity, particularly in moments before tests or dance performances. To alleviate her insecurities, I introduced specific affirmations tailored to each situation. The results were remarkable!

As I reflected upon my own path towards self-love and considered the invaluable lessons I've learned, a pivotal decision arose: I want my daughters to have a head start, equipping them from an early age to mitigate the risks associated with low self-esteem. However, my mission extends beyond my own girls. I am driven to support other guardians who share the same sentiments and are on a similar journey.

Pretty Girls Poppin encompasses this collective expedition, involving my daughters and me, alongside all the like-minded guardians. Inspired by Michelle Obama's words, I firmly believe that empowering girls is not only crucial for our families but also for the well-being of our communities and countries.

One of my core values is inclusivity, and I believe that every girl deserves to feel accepted and loved just as she is. That's why Pretty Girls Poppin is designed to be accessible and affordable, with a range of offerings that can meet the needs of girls from all backgrounds and walks of life. 

At Pretty Girls Poppin, we invite you to join us on this transformative endeavor. Together, we can create a nurturing space where every girl discovers her inner strength, embraces her uniqueness, and shines brightly with radiance and purpose.

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